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Our wedding budget

October 20th, 2008 at 11:42 am

I finally sat down and updated our wedding budget now that all expenses have been paid. Here is a run down of how we did it with a guest list of 45:

Invitations, thank-yous,programs, website: $150
I designed and printed our own, and created our website myself. Cost was of paper materials, and hosting.

My dress, vail, shoes : $920
got my designer dress for 1/2 off. My mom made my vail since I wanted something simple. Found perfectly matching shoes on final clearance

Hair, makeup, jewelry : $80
went to two of the finest salons in town for trials and was absolutely disappointed. Ended up trying a lady at a local cost cutters who has been doing hair for 30 years. She was amazing, and what a steal!

His suit and shoes : $270
got his 100% wool Ralph Lauren dark steel gray suit at final clearance

Flowers : $980
for church, centerpieces, bouquet, boutonniere, with orchids, calla lilies, roses

Photographers: $1000
included 2 photographers shooting a 2 hour engagement session and 6 hours on the wedding day.

Decorations: $300
large custom frames for wedding photos of both of our parents and grandparents. Flower petals and rice. Photo mat. About 500 candles.

Reception: $7500 (partially gifted)
Total splurge. Held at the most pricey place in town, but also the most elegant and beautiful. Had two separate rooms, the patio and lawn reserved. About 10 hours of hors douvres, dinner, desert, cake, open bar, dancing, etc.

Rehearsal dinner: approx $1000 (gifted)
Also a splurge for the best french place in town.

Music $20
We had monster speakers and a large dance hall. I spent this money on itunes, and many hours creating just the right playlists for the ipod. It worked, people danced for 5+ hours!

Church donation: $600
Our service was held at our family church where I grew up, and was extremely special.

Out of pocket total: $10000

We came out right at our budget, and paid cash for our event. The day was so warm and elegant and full of laughter and tears and toasts and good food and dancing: worth absolutely every penny!

We didn't register, since we're trying to pair down, simplify and downsize. Because of that we received cash and some gift cards worth a bit over $15000. We are putting all of it into savings and will use a part of it to pay for our honeymoon over the holidays.

And also:

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5 Responses to “Our wedding budget”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    GREAT!!! Thank you! I have been recording every expense related to our impending wedding to 'really' see the cost of this wedding! You did good girl! BB's suit was $500! My hair is going to cost $80, then there is makeup! And you and I paid the same for invitations. I got mine off eBay and everything added up (Including stamps!) is $155.00.

  2. MileHighGirl Says:

    gamecock43 - I've kept the same spreadsheet and updated it as payments were made. It helped keep my head above water and let us know where we stood at any point in time.

    I did my own makeup, but I'm a total girly girl, so I have a lot of practice. I did practice though, especially with false eyelashes and such.

    Invites are so pricey, good job on getting a good deal. Ofcourse I wanted the fancy letterpress ones, but they are insanely expensive, so I designed my own, but it's what I do for a living.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Nice bouquet! Wouldn't mind running out with the rest of the single ladies in hopes of catching that one!

    Yes, I am shameless that way.

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    Yes, I am paying $50 to have makeup done...but since I never wear makeup I figure it would cost me $50 to buy the needed makeup and then it would be wasted because I would never use it again. Plus I have no clue how to wear makeup. BTW- I love the top pic!

  5. MileHighGirl Says:

    Broken Arrow - I didn't toss a bouquet! So consider it handed over Wink

    gamecock43 - That makes total sense for you. Buying it is only a part, knowing how to apply it is very important and you makeup artist will do a great job!

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