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All Americans have a reason to celebrate.

November 5th, 2008 at 10:42 am

Even if your candidate didn't win tonight, you have reason to celebrate. We all do. Barack Obama's impressive victory says a lot about America and what is possible in this country.

Hearing of Obama's win last night Dad proudly flew his American flag, which he hasn't done for years. My parents emigrated to this country when I was still young, worked hard and long to build a successful life and to become citizens. My parents made so many sacrifices because Dad believed in the ideals and freedoms of this country. The mis-administration of the past 8 years managed to turn his optimism to disillusionment and cynicism.

In America's journey toward a more just and truly democratic society, last night was a big milestone. Last night's outcome is a declaration that we are once again a nation more driven by hope and promise than a nation driven by fear.

Obama's victory holds up a mirror, reflecting the country we are: a young country, an optimistic country, a forward-looking country, a country not afraid to take risks or to dream big. That is what my father believed in when he left everything he knew to move his family here. Last night, his faith in America was renewed.

9 Responses to “All Americans have a reason to celebrate. ”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    well said. Not being a political animal much, the best I can comment is he is best so far at inspiring. Maybe what we need du jour.

    What we need ad infinitum (for the long run) is translating the inspiration into a personal responsibility trend. Financial, social, professional, in all matter of daily life. To fix the health care system, the credit crisis, and schools/education to name just a few.

    A TRICKLE UP theory if you please. Let's get back to basics each of us, using this moment, and remake ourselves and our nation from the bottom up.

  2. Missy Says:

    I am very excited about the outcome of this election!
    This is a big step in the right direction towards the future.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I have a friend who is also an immigrant, and ever since it was clear that Obama was the Democratic nominee she has been revealing herself as truly a racist. She had been ambiguous on this previously. I feel so disappointed in her. At the same time, she is thinking of returning to her country because she fears that if we have a deep recession that she as a foreigner of non-majority race will be blamed and attacked. I think she is projecting! Spoke to her last night before vote counts were coming in, and she was feeling scared. Phbbwbt! I think her own racism is spoiling her life....Reminds me of how sometimes it is said that depression is anger turned inward. Here, fear for her life is racism turned inward--or something like that.... I don't know. When I was a kid, I read the diary of William Scherer who was an American journalist in Europe during the rise of Hitler. One day he describes how another journalist pulled out a swastika pin from underneath his jacket and happily pinned it on his lapel, thinking the time had arrived when he could securely wear it with pride. Even at this time when I am proud of my country for not seeing race as a controlling factor in politics, my own friend seems to be kind of pinning her own swastika on her jacket and letting contempt turn her away from the wholesome goals of her life. I believe racism has become a controlling factor for her....So if Obama's election holds up a mirror, it also holds up a magnifying glass. I see some things I did not see before and I am so sad about it.

  4. Ms. Pearl Says:

    My daughters and I held hands, jumped up and down, cried and screamed when we found out Obama won. I told them the world had changed...for the good. They taped balloons to our Obama yard sign. What a night, I will never forget it. Wonderful.

  5. Nika Says:

    I am hopeful for the change Obama represents. I have never been this enthusiastic about an election!
    Though it is not about race to me and I wish there was not such a focus on this issue.

    I believe that most Americans were not voting for a black candidate - they were voting for a very inspiring candidate who happened to be black. He got there on merit, and lets not take the focus away from that.

  6. MileHighGirl Says:

    Nika - my sentiments exactly.

  7. HouseHopeful Says:

    Great post! I was happy to see so many people out and voting yesterday.

  8. reginaastralis Says:

    Juliette is pleased as punch to be telling complete strangers that "Rock Obama" is our new president. She was up sick last night, so watched the whole thing with me *way past her bedtime* so we had a quick political talk about how he was president and what that all meant. As a momma to a three year old, it feels great to be talking about history to a little girl, and I sincerely hope he is able to change our country for the better.

  9. BuelahMan Says:

    I wonder how you all feel now, after finding out how he lied you all into voting for him.

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