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All Americans have a reason to celebrate.

November 5th, 2008 at 10:42 am

Even if your candidate didn't win tonight, you have reason to celebrate. We all do. Barack Obama's impressive victory says a lot about America and what is possible in this country.

Hearing of Obama's win last night Dad proudly flew his American flag, which he hasn't done for years. My parents emigrated to this country when I was still young, worked hard and long to build a successful life and to become citizens. My parents made so many sacrifices because Dad believed in the ideals and freedoms of this country. The mis-administration of the past 8 years managed to turn his optimism to disillusionment and cynicism.

In America's journey toward a more just and truly democratic society, last night was a big milestone. Last night's outcome is a declaration that we are once again a nation more driven by hope and promise than a nation driven by fear.

Obama's victory holds up a mirror, reflecting the country we are: a young country, an optimistic country, a forward-looking country, a country not afraid to take risks or to dream big. That is what my father believed in when he left everything he knew to move his family here. Last night, his faith in America was renewed.

OMG I was just laid off

September 19th, 2008 at 03:41 pm

I am in total shock. Yes, I was hearing all the financial news, and being more careful with spending, but you just never feel that it could happen to you. I feel like this is a bad dream.

I've been working since I was 16 years old: part time during school and college and full time otherwise. I've never been laid off before, I was always the one in control of the situation and looked for new positions on my own terms.

I work(ed) in R&D for a division of a large, very well known outdoor/travel company. Recently we went through a structural re-organization. The first thing our new president did was eliminate 25% of the positions in our office, including my own. My boss was almost in tears because there was nothing he could do and he was being told to outsource half of his staff to India.

I consider myself very lucky to have received a good severance package and having two more weeks of work. I'm glad I have a fiance that can support us so I can buy food/gas and pay my mortgage and utilities. I am glad that I am healthy and I have friends and family to lean on.

My wedding is 2 weeks away. This couldn't have happened at a worse time. I've talked the thrifty talk now I will really have to walk the walk, like I never have before...

A family's no-buy experiment

September 18th, 2008 at 08:53 am

I came across this interesting article at readers digest today. I found it especially humorous reading about them abandoning a full shopping cart at Target after realizing they don't need any of that junk. I've definitely had those feelings before.

Text is http://www.rd.com/advice-and-know-how/hochman-family-cuts-spending/article99718.html and Link is

Just Starting Out, Welcome to my journey to financial freedom

July 16th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Well here I am starting a little page of my own. I hope can write blog posts as well and often as I can comment.

I'm a 27 year old girl living and working in Denver. I've worked in some capacity ever since I was 16. I held several restaurant and retail jobs while in highschool, worked part time and interned while in college, and had a full time job by the time I got my hands on my diploma.

Because of my school and work track, I've been able to really become a successful young woman in societal terms, with all the trappings that success brings. 4 years ago I bought a home of my own, in the crazy expensive Denver market. A year ago, after years and years of savings I bought a nice new car, and paid for it in cash. I have no debts outside of my mortgage, have an emergency fund, a decent 401K, ROTH and some taxable investments as well.

Even though it seems like I'm doing well on the outside, I still feel like I'm struggling to get ahead. There is so much pressure at every turn to get this, or buy that, trying to make us all feel inferior. I also feel somewhat trapped by the status symbols of "now you've made it" and I think a lot of people over-extend and bring themselves tons of grief trying to attain them.

I was raised by my parents with good common sense to be thrifty and economical, but everything in our culture is trying to push us the other way. I hope this blog will expose me to more like-minded people, who are trying and succeeding by doing more with less, gaining true financial freedom in return.