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$1109 spent on gas commuting to work

June 24th, 2009 at 03:13 pm

This math is very depressing, so is my commute: 32mi each way. At least it's to a job I like..

2.50($/gal) * 1/30 (gal/mi) * 64 (mi) = $5.33

4 (days a week ) * 52 (weeks/ year) = $1109

the boss is cool and lets me work from home one day a week
my favorite job I've had so far
the scenery is quite beautiful since I don't have to drive through town

extremely expensive
exhausting, by Friday I'm dreaming of selling our house
wear and tear on my car

There is noone to carpool with and a bus pass would cost around 500 and take twice as long to get there. I just get bummed out thinking about it.

6 Responses to “$1109 spent on gas commuting to work”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Eh...just don't think about it. I'm sure you are spending much more money on other things. $1100 to get you to work to earn $XXXXX.00 is probably a pretty good return.

  2. Nika Says:

    You have it sweet! It could be much much worse.

    DH commutes 98 miles a day (round trip), going through very congested Staten Island so it takes on average an hour and a half each way.

    Plus, tolls are $20 PER DAY!!!!!! ($18 for 2 bridges and than turnpike $2).

    Plus, insurance is very high. Right now it is $220 per month for bare bones liability only for a 10 year old paid for sedan. When he just started driving, with fresh new license, it was about $400 a month.

    Plus, he has to look for parking each time he comes home. It takes about 20 minutes and he often has to park many blocks away.

    Plus, if you move your car 1 minute late you get $60-$150 parking ticket.

    We can only dream about your commute.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    my dad takes a train, two hours each way, five days a week, and has done so for over ten years now, when he and my stepmum made the move from inner city to country living, but still keeping city jobs.

  4. milehighgal Says:

    Wow, your stories definitely trump mine! I couldn't even imagine driving in NYC, even if it was to a 6 figure job, I think eventually that eats your soul Smile

  5. monkeymama Says:

    So you only drive about 12k miles per year? The mileage and $$ didn't sound that bad to me at all.

    The return on investment seems well worth it, in my opinion.

    Where I live, people OFTEN commute 60-120 miles each way. I had a co-worker who spent like 5 hours every day on the train - yeesh. The more sane do it once or twice a week and just come home weekends.

    I thought your commute sounded rather average. OF course, if you are talking bumper to bumper traffic, yeah I would go crazy too!!!!!!!! I don't do traffic. Wink

  6. milehighgal Says:

    I guess I didn't realize a 45 min one way commute was average. I must be pretty spoiled Smile When I was renting I always made a point to live within 15 min of where I was working, which was thankfully never in a bad or extremely expensive neighborhood. I just think the quality of life is worth it, I'd rather have a small, simple place w/o a commute. Now that I own, I feel very tied down, I'm not close to my family or my job, and this might mean we will sell within the next year.

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