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Where does the money go?

July 14th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

Text is and Link is http://www.visualeconomics.com/how-the-average-us-consumer-spends-their-paycheck

I'm a sucker for infographics, and this one from April 2009, is pretty good:

Text is How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck and Link is http://www.visualeconomics.com/how-the-average-us-consumer-spends-their-paycheck
How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck

The top 4 are obvious: housing, car, food and insurance. But it was interesting to see that people spend almost as much on groceries as going out (7% vs 5.4%) and that cash contributions (I'm assuming savings) is only at 3.7% of the total monthly budget.

We spend .02% of our income on reading but 3 times that amount on alcohol? I bet that most of the entertainment cost is TV, Cable, movies, video games...anesthesia for the masses.

What does it say that Americans only spend 12.4% of their income on food, but spend 5.7% on Healthcare? If you buy high quality food (healthy organic fats and proteins, fruits and veggies) then you will not have to spend anywhere near that much on healthcare.

1 Responses to “Where does the money go?”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm fortunate to have great health insurance provided by my employer at no cost to me. My husband took an opt out from his insurance for a cash incentive for 10 months out of the year. Our heating oil bill and food account for a larger percentage of our budget, aside from our mortgage.

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